Languages: Greek – English


10.30 -13.30        FIRST SESSION

Coordinator:  Dr. Athanasios E. Drougos, Expert in international security, strategic analyst.


The Mayor of Papagou-Holargos, Mr Elias Apostolopoulos

The President of Association of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece and Greeks Filoukrainians «Ukrainian-Hellenic Thought», Mrs Halyna Masliuk, Journalist

The Representative of Ambassador of Ukraine in Greece.


“Fake national identities: instruments of the Russian Hybrid Aggression in the Baltic-Black Sea region”. Dr. Yevhen Rokytskyi (Ukraine), Expert in international security, government relations and risk management.

«Russian aggressive revisionism under Putin regime. Implications on Ukraine, European and Global security». Mr. Alexander Khara (Ukraine), Diplomat, expert at the foreign affairs, defense and national security.

Presentation of the photo-exhibition «Children in War» concentrated on the Greek children in the wider Azov Sea region. Screening of the short-length documentary «The wave» related to the Greeks of Azov Sea region (based on materials presented for the first time). Mrs. Olena Prokopenko (Ukraine), Director of Ukrainian Office, Baltic- Black Sea Security Confederation. Documentary is presented in its original language with Greek subtitles.

Questions and Answers with audience, 20’.

13.30 – 14.00      COFFEE BREAK

14.00 -16.30        SECOND SESSION

Coordinator:  Lambros Kalarryths, Journalist, Director of the radio station «PARAPOLITIKA 90.1FM».


Presentation of the well-known book «Hybrid War a La Russe» of the prominent analyst Yury Fedorov by Dr. Athanasios E.Drougos and Dr. Eugen Rokitski.

«Georgian Perspectives concerning regional security with an eye to ongoing and contemporary developments in the region of Black Sea and adjacent sub-regions». Dr. Ioseb Nanobashvili (Georgia), Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in Greece and in Serbia.

«The relations between the West and the Russian Federation in the post 2014 world. How to challenge asymmetric and hybrid threats in an unstable and rocky global environment, and within th forthcoming Trump-led Presidency». Dr.  Athanasios E. Drougos (Greece), Senior analyst, specialist in the fields of global security, terrorism, asymmetric threats and Lecturer in NATO Colleges.

Questions and Answers with audience, 20’.

Concluding remarks by the Coordinator of the Second Session.

The program is open to any changes of the last moment. 

The CV’s of the lecturers will also be available to the participants.