The Reichstag, seat of the Bundestag, stands under a twilight sky (Getty Images)

Germany’s Internal Ministry warns of some essential information leaks if hacking attempts occur

The federal government of Germany assumes the next election campaign to the country’s parliament can be influenced by Russian cyber-attacks and disinformation campaign on the Internet, as reported by a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Germany’s Interior Ministry is afraid that due to hackers’ attacks there might be a leakage of important information.

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“Germany will have to adjust to a “new type of election campaign”, the Ministry’s statement reads.

The German government claims “there are no doubts Russia will be massively trying to influence the election campaign”.

It continues Russia might hold hacker attacks against country’s power stations, hospitals, transportation or telecom providers in order to “create uncertainty”.

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To that end, the government plans to establish a group of IT specialists that will be able to protect critical infrastructure.