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I am now convinced we need to educate the press.  No more use of “rebels” when referring to Russians, Russian mercenaries, and Chechens operating in Donbas.

I actually had a senior, yesterday, dismiss Ambassador Haley’s words regarding Russia aggression. ‘Just words’.  He’s just an idiot.

Watch the Navalny trial.

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VP in TV interview more than drops a hint to Russia, he spells out the expectation that Russia will make an effort to be nice.

Expat Russia analyst Andrei Pointkovsky points out that the Kremlin was confused by Amb Haley’s comments, and subsequent developments between POTUS and Ukraine. Russian propaganda machine now questioning POTUS’ competence and commitment to Russia 🙂 Spin doctor Peskov piqued that Poroshenko invited to meet POTUS before Putin, and also demanding apology from Fox News for calling Vova a killer.

Ukrainian Amb to UN Yelchenko tells how he briefed US Amb Haley in detail on Russian invasion before the statement criticising Russian behaviours. Russian lead spin doctor describes “Ukrainian interference in US election” the new Watergate – if Obama did not do it, then evidently the evil Ukrainians did!

Notable is that Russophone analysts understood the import of Amb Haley’s statement instantly, while Western MSM continue to promote the Yalta 2.0 narrative.

Former Soviet dissident and Crimean Tartar leader Jemilev states publicly that Russia is going broke and will collapse soon if sanctions stay, while Literaturnaya gazeta. claims average Russians now consume 700 cal less food than in 1992 when the USSR melted down.

Poroshenko’s party piqued that Tymoshenko got to meet with POTUS first, and Tymoshenko publicly attacks Poroshenko alleging he orchestrated a campaign by his party to spread rumours, including one that Tymoshenko set up a stakeout near the bathroom to intercept POTUS when he could not escape easily.

Good essay by Goble on how Putin destroyed any prospect of a future USSR-Redux.

Donbass ceasefire lasts mere hours. Immense public anger over the ATGW attack on ambulance that killed female medico.

Russian opposition politician Gozman complains that Donbass war would cease immediately if funding cut, while Russia ramps up logistical supply rates, esp. ammo and personnel.

Suicides can now be added to desertions and fraggings in the Donbass proxy force. Reports that the FSB is attempting to recruit more Russian Cossacks for the proxy force, and not having much luck – the Cossacks mainly bugged out early 2015, and the holdouts mostly got assassinated by Russian covert ops personnel, for being too autonomous.

Szabolcz essay on big data study that exposed Russian propaganda campaigns is a good read.

Many other miscellaneous essays on related topics.

Never a dull day in the Russophone world!

Mike Pence on Russia in Ukraine: ‘We’re Watching and Very Troubled’ – ABC News Mike Pence on Russia in Ukraine: ‘We’re Watching and Very Troubled’

Pence: Trump administration ‘watching’ Russia – CNNPolitics.com Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump administration is “watching” Russia and “very troubled” by its violation of a ceasefire in Ukraine last week.

Pence says Trump team has its eyes on Russia | New York Post WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday the Trump Administration has its eyes glued on Russia. “We’re watching and very troubled by the increased hostilities over the past week in Eastern Ukraine,” <a href=

“http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/mike-pence-russia-ukraine-watching-troubled/story?id=45272806”> Pence told ABC’s “This Week.”</a> <a href=

http://nypost.com/2017/02/01/flynn-puts-iran-on-notice-after-missile-test/”>The Trump Administration put Iran</a> “on notice” last week in the face of<a href=

“http://nypost.com/2017/01/30/iran-defies-un-resolution-tests-ballistic-missile/”> ballistic missile testing.</a> “Russia has been violating the ceasefire in Ukraine. Are they on notice as well?,” asked ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Pence declined to say if Russia’s is also on notice but said Trump is examining whether keeping sanctions in place as long as Russia is violating the ceasefire. “I think that’s a question that will be answered in the months ahead. And it just simply all depends on whether or not we see the kind of changes in posture by Russia,” Pence said. “And the opportunity perhaps to work on common interests. And the president’s made it clear the top priority of this administration is to hunt down and destroy ISIS at its source.” Pence added: “I think the president is looking for an opportunity to begin that relationship anew. But make no mistake about it– those decisions will await action. And they’ll be very dependent on how the Russians respond in the days ahead.” President Trump seemed to dismiss Vladimir Putin’s aggression as not much different from the United States’s actions. “A lot of killers. You got a lot of killers. You think our country is so innocent?” <a href=

“http://nypost.com/2017/02/04/trump-defends-his-respect-for-killer-putin-weve-got-a-lot-of-killers/”> Trump said in a taped pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.</a>

U.S. Vice President on Russia in Ukraine: ‘We’re watching and very troubled’ – ABC News U.S. Vice President Mike Pence responded to new Russian aggression in Ukraine, saying in an interview on &quot;This Week&quot; with George Stephanopoulos on ABC: &quot;We’re watching and very troubled by the increased hostilities,&quot; according to ABC News. News 05 February from UNIAN.

Mike Pence refuses several opportunities to answer whether US is morally superior to Russia | Business Insider Vice President Mike Pence repeatedly…

Trump Discusses NATO Visit, Ukraine In Call With Stoltenberg The White House says President Donald Trump has discussed the conflict in eastern Ukraine during a call with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and agreed to attend a meeting of alliance leaders later thi…

Toltenberg, Trump discuss Ukraine’s Donbas amid their second phone call NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and U.S. President Donald Trump have discussed the war in Donbas, the east of Ukraine, among the issues on the agenda of their second phone conversation on Sunday evening, according to NATO’s statement. News 06 February from UNIAN.

Trump Administration Looks at Driving Wedge Between Russia and Iran – WSJ The new administration is exploring ways to break Russia’s alliance with Iran in a bid to end the Syrian conflict and bolster the fight against Islamic State, said senior administration, European and Arab officials.

Donald Trump’s Russia Comments Sow Confusion, Draw Fire – WSJ U.S. President Donald Trump faced criticism from fellow Republicans amid mixed signals on his administration’s approach to Russia, the latest distraction from the work of unifying his party around plans to cut taxes and rework health-care laws.

Trump’s remarks on Russia draw sharp GOP rebuke – CBS News President seemed to defend criticism of Putin as a &quot;killer,&quot; asking, &quot;What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Trump’s Russia-U.S. Comparison Rejected by Democrats and Republicans – NBC News “I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the president is trying to do with statements like these,” Sen.Ben Sasse said Sunday.

Skeptical McConnell distances from Trump on Russia, travel ban | TheHill

PREVIEW: Trump Tells O’Reilly He ‘Respects’ Putin in Super Bowl Interview | Fox News Insider On Sunday, Bill O’Reilly will hold a special Super Bowl pre-game interview with President Trump at 4 p.m. ET on your local FOX broadcast station.

Trump’s first big test with Putin harkens back to one of the most controversial elements of his campaign | Business Insider Nikki Haley, the new US ambassador to the…

Is Russia testing Donald Trump in eastern Ukraine? | Ukraine | Al JazeeraPro-Russian separatists and government troops blame each other for increasing ceasefire violations.

Donald Trump Defends Putin in O’Reilly Super Bowl InterviewIn a clip of the interview set to air Sunday before the Super Bowl, the 70-year-old commander-in-chief defends Putin

The Daily Vertical: Playing Putin’s Border Game (Transcript)OK, here’s a memo to everybody. The fighting in Donbas is not taking place on Ukraine’s &quot;border.&quot; On the contrary, the escalation in Avdiyvka is happening deep insid…

Andrei Pointkovsky | It seems that the Kremlin is seriously confusedThe aggravation of the Donbas, initiated by Russia, due to the expectations in the Kremlin at a great bargain on a new Yalta and clarifying the availability Trump to such a transaction. But we do not even need you to guess about it. I do not know, it’s stupidity or longer due to the beyond cynicism, but Peskov formulated that such a military escalation in the Donbass will help to establish a dialogue with the United States. So that all these phenomena is certainly connected. But the United States remain silent. First, Trump is not up to it, he is already climbed into a huge number of scandals within the US and internationally – with Europe, Australia, Mexico … Incidentally revealing yesterday published an article pro-Kremlin Internet, working with the intelligentsia, where for the first time expressed confusion about the adequacy of Trump and whether justified all these crazy Moscow hopes for him. The second reason for the silence Trump and the United States, that in relations with Putin, he is faced with a very strong opposition in Congress. Everyone expected that the question of sanctions raised in a telephone conversation between Putin and Trump. But the day before the chat conversation Trump was forced to say, it is too early to talk about lifting sanctions. Remember McCain’s remarkable phrase, “when you talk with Putin, remember that you are talking to a murderer and a bandit.” It was also rather harsh position of British Prime Minister Theresa May, to give her her due, when it is at a joint press conference is literally pulled out of the Trump recognizing that NATO is the cornerstone of Western security, and the lifting of sanctions with Russia too early. So the uncertainty of the US position – it is natural. But it seems to me, Trump would have gone far enough for rapprochement with Putin, but Congress did not allow him.

The Russian side at the UN Security Council was shocked to US firm stance against the Russian Federation – YelchenkoBefore the new US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley voiced firm and unwavering US position on the situation in eastern Ukraine, she personally thoroughly studied this issue, including – in dialogue with the Ukrainian colleagues. As reported Tsenzor.NET , she told about it in interview to Ukrinform Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Elchenko. “In my opinion, the US permanent representative fully informed of developments regarding the situation in the Donbass, and knows everything about the Crimea voiced its position confirms that the new US administration is fully acquainted with the situation in Ukraine and continues to hold a strong position on this issue.” – He stressed the head of the Ukrainian Mission. He also said that he met with Nikki Haley to the Security Council meeting held in Ukraine and for her “detailed briefing” on the situation in the Donbass. At the same time, the Ukrainian diplomat expressed confidence that the Russian side was, at least, shocked by the US firm position against the background of the new administration about the possibility of improving relations with Russia. ” I saw the look of Mr. Churkin person at a time. It seems to me that it was a surprise to him. He had not expected such a sharp statement from the new ambassador to the United States. Definitely, “- said the representative of Ukraine. Elchenko confirmed that Ukraine can count on continued support from the United States to the United Nations and the preservation of international pressure on the Russian Federation. ” I am absolutely sure of it, “- the diplomat said. He added that the meeting of the UN Security Council confirmed . the mood of the international community in support of Ukraine

Media: The desire to ‘test the US’s position on Ukraine “at the Security Council ended in failure for Churkin and RussiaThe first clear signal the administration of Donald Trump Russia regarding US policy on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was the statement by the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley of the anti-Russian sanctions. This is stated in the article “Dangerous undiplomatic. As rudeness Churkin, the UN Security Council to help Ukraine ” published edition of the” Left Bank “. “Speech by the newly appointed Special Representative of the United States can be regarded as a landmark – it was the first public statement on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and aggression of the Russian Federation representative of the new US administration. The fact that the application of the anti-Russian sanctions Haley was perceived by the international community as the first clear signal of Donald Trump on the US administration’s Russia policy on the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict “, – stated in the material. The clear position of the US in support of Ukraine’s opposition in the east of Ukraine, on the issue of sanctions, as well as on the Crimea has become a big surprise to Russia and personally ambassador Vitaly Churkin. As reported, in his speech, the US permanent representative Nikki Haley clearly stressed that the Russian Federation carries out aggression against Ukraine. She stressed that the United States wants better relations with Russia, but Moscow’s actions in Ukraine are unacceptable and hinder it. Haley condemned the occupation and military intervention of the Russian Federation, and also stressed that the Crimea is the territory of Ukraine. She also stressed that imposed on Russia for the temporary occupation of the Crimea sanctions remain in force until the liberation of the peninsula. “Statement of the US ambassador to Russia sends tough response to her attempts to” test the US position “by the escalation in the east of Ukraine”, – quotes LB source in the diplomatic circles. As the newspaper notes, the US State Department had planned to deliver his keynote speech outlining the new US administration’s position on the events in the east of Ukraine February 21, 2017, during a meeting of the UN Security Council on “Conflicts in Europe”. However, the escalation in Avdeevka Ukraine and effective action for the convening of the meeting of the Security Council made the US side to move the keynote speech on 2 February 2017.

Russia will not mind if Trump will meet first with Poroshenko, not Putin, – PeskovRussia would not object if the US president Donald Trump will hold first meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and then – with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According Tsenzor.NET citing TASS , this was announced by press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov. When asked whether it is important for the Kremlin, with whom the US leader will meet before – with Poroshenko and Putin, Peskov said the Kremlin “has no right to comment once the foreign policy priorities of other countries, including the United States.” “If these meetings anyway in some way contribute to the settlement of internal Ukrainian conflict, we will be happy,” – he said.

The Kremlin has demanded an apology from Fox News, where the anchor called Putin a killerA spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov called the offensive remark leading TV channel Fox News, which at the time of the interview the president of the United States, Donald Trump, accused Putin of killing. “We believe these words Fox News correspondent unacceptable and offensive,” – said Peskov reporters on Monday. “Of course, we would prefer to receive the apology of the president (of Russia – ed.) From a reputable company (such as Fox News – Ed.)”, – Concluded Sands. Speaking about the reaction of Trump on this remark, Peskov said: “In this case I would have left it without comment.”

MP Vlasenko commented on Tymoshenko and Trump meetingThe meeting of the ”Batkivshchyna” party leader Yulia Tymoshenko with the President of the United States Donald Trump was of a private character, so the party can not reveal some details. This was announced by MP Serhii Vlasenko, who accompanied Yulia Tymoshenko during her visit to the United States, in an interview to Censor.NET. Vlasenko said that the meeting had a “private character” and was not a “one-minute handshake.” MP said that the journalists can ask Tymoshenko about her meeting with Trump on Monday when she will visit the parliament. Vlasenko also accused the Administration of the president of Ukraine of spreading false information. “None of the unexpected meetings are sanctioned by the US President’s Administration. Never! This is the first. Secondly, all present at the Prayer Breakfast saw that President Trump came in after the breakfast began. His appearance was announced, and the participants welcomed him… No group photos with the President have been made,” Vlasenko said. “The leakage was not from our side. Details were not disclosed, because there are, unfortunately, a lot of formal restrictions caused by a private meeting status. Unlike Petro [Poroshenko] and his unscrupulous team, we understand the protocol requirements,” he added. During the meeting with Tymoshenko Trump promised that “he will not abandon Ukraine.”

“It’s a dirty campaign and provocation planned by Poroshenko”, – Tymoshenko said, that she was not waiting for Trump near the toilet. VIDEO“Batkivshchyna” party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said about the involvement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to a campaign to discredit her meeting with US President Donald Trump. According Tsenzor.NET , this Tymoshenko said after the conciliation board in the parliament. “All the bad things you hear about this meeting – a dirty campaign to discredit this meeting, organized and planned by the President of Ukraine, his lobbying companies and promoters”, – said Tymoshenko.

Ohryzko talks about Trump Poroshenko and we were not able to convey that it is Russian aggression against UkraineThe fact of the conversation the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of the United States, Donald Trump is a positive. This is a comment InfoResist said the ex-Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ogryzko. “This means that, firstly, Trump was not found formal occasion to say:” No, I’m not interested. ” Secondly, I consider positive is that there is an agreement on a future meeting. When it takes place – is not yet known, but from my own experience I would say that this is a very complicated process step, because to do so many things. But the decision itself that such a meeting would – unconditional positive “- said the expert. At the same time, he noted the contradictory phrases Trump on the settlement of the conflict on the Ukrainian border. “I guess we were not able to convey that this conflict is not on the border, and the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. But I think that one meeting with Trump would be enough to show it and show “- said Ogryzko. He stressed that it is not necessary to actively analyze individual statements Trump. “That criticism, which went towards the Trump and the Republican Party in general and inside the United States, should fix the future statements Trump. But the fact that Trump said: “I know who I’m dealing with” – is also positive, “- concluded the diplomat.

“This war would not last a day longer, if we did not support” LNR-DNR ” with weapons, money and people,” – the Russian politician Gozman broadcast on rosTV. VIDEORussian politician, President of the public movement “Union of Right Forces” Leonid Gozman said that the Ukrainians in Donbass Russia kills. According Tsenzor.NET , Russian propaganda broadcast TV Gozman reminded that Russia supports terrorist organizations “L / DNR” and their leaders, that “there is sawing a lot of money.” “You, me, as citizens of our country are responsible for the nightmare that it is happening I think so and that’s why That this war is terrible -.. With the victims on both sides, outrage and violence, she could not continue more than one day if we did not support the arms, money, people here are these so-called leaders of these republics which from my point of view -.. a crime … If we do not support these people, the war would have ended a long time there it would have ended. is not genocide. It is – all nonsense. there is an example – Slavyansk … When Girkin collapsed in Slavyansk and the Ukrainian army rolled in, there were no incidents, there was adjusted a normal life, there is no humanitarian catastrophe. We have nothing to do over there “- Gozman said.

Trump tells Ukraine leader he’ll work to “restore peace” with Russia – CBS NewsAmid mixed signals from the White House, Trump tells Petro Poroshenko he’ll work with him and Russians to stop simmering border war

Russia’s collapse not far off if sanctions not lifted, Dzhemilev says06.02.17 11:21 – Russia’s collapse not far off if sanctions not lifted, Dzhemilev says The sanctions imposed against Russia over Crimea annexation will inevitably cause collapse of the Russian Federation even without their stiffening. View news.

Paul Goble | Putin’s actions in Avdiivka show he killed his beloved idea of ‘a triune people’ of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, Ikhlov says | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |Like many Russian nationalists, Vladimir Putin has long insisted that Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are not separate nations but a single “triune” people who thus should be part of a single state; but this week, his actions in Ukraine and about Belarus have effectively killed off this chimerical notion for all but the most die-hard of imperialists. On the one hand, and even more than over the last several years, Russian forces in Ukraine have behaved as they did on foreign territory and in the North Caucasus, using the kind of brutal scorched earth attacks that make any claim that Russia views the Ukrainians as a fraternal people deserving respect and even a kind of deference on that basis.. And on the other hand, Moscow moved to create a genuine border regime between the Russian Federation and Belarus, thus casting doubt on the possibility of any union state between the two Slavic countries and demonstrating that any such state, should it arise, would be a Russian empire in which non-Russians would be treated as second class citizens or worse. In a commentary on the Kasparov.ru portal, Yevgeny Ikhlov says that events of the last few days make it possible to “fix with precision the date of the death of the conception of ‘the triune unity of the Russian nation” of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. “A quarter of a century ago,” he begins, “sociologists and historians wrote that rarely in any country has the end of the Middle Ages been fixed as precisely as in Russia on August 22, 1991. The fall of Soviet power and the union (that is, imperial-messianic) idea marked the complete end of the ideocratic (i.e., logocentric) period of Russian history.” Now, Ikhlov says, “we can set with no less precision the death of ‘the triune unity of the Russian nation.” It occurred over the last few weeks because “the sense of the unity of the nation means not simply a collection of historical myths (in the good sense) but also a feeling of solidarity, commonality and inclusion in some Big Family.”

Russians consume 700 calories a day fewer now than at the end of Soviet times | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press |Comparing social well-being across time or among nations is a notoriously difficult challenge, but the most universally accepted one has to do with the amount of calories a population consumes per day. When caloric intake rises, it is commonly assumed, people are living better; when it falls, their fate is just the reverse. That is what makes some new Russian statistics especially disturbing: They show that Russians are now consuming 700 calories a day fewer than they did at the end of Soviet times, according to Isaak Zagaytov and Vladimir Shevchenko in the course of an extended article on for “Literaturnaya gazeta.” Russian government claims about the situation in agriculture and food consumption ring hollow when one compares the figures for today with those of 25 years ago, the two say. The amount of milk, meat and eggs the country produces per capita have all fallen significantly, although per capita production of potatoes has increased somewhat.

Only ‘de-Muscovization’ can save Russia from disaster, Eidman says | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press | Vladimir Putin’s regime is “ideologically close” to the right-wing populism now sweeping the West in its “xenophobia, isolationism and hurrah-patriotism” and with its “cult of a strong national leader” who alone can take on and destroy the power of the elites that the masses hate, according to Igor Eidman. The only way forward, the Russian commentator suggests, is to “’de-Muscovize Russia’” by destroying “the corrupt bureaucratic vertical and transferring power in the localities to a new democratic self-administration of people,” a step he says would win “sympathy in the majority of Russian regions.” Many have argued that Moscow-centrism is the chief problem for Russia and for Russia’s relations with the outside world, and that Putin has made it worse by working to consolidate all power in the Kremlin. But what makes Eidman’s suggestion so intriguing is where he gets it from – from how democratic forces are reacting to Donald Trump’s actions.

EU says Ukraine rivals must stick by Minsk accords – Times LIVE Latest news from South Africa, World, Politics, Entertainment and Lifestyle. The home of The Times and Sunday Times newspaper.

Ukraine escalation on EU Foreign Affairs Council agenda, – Mogherini06.02.17 12:55 – Ukraine escalation on EU Foreign Affairs Council agenda, – Mogherini High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has announced continuous support to the so-called ‘Normandy Format’ (Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia) for solving the situation in the Donbas. View news.

Pro-Russian militants opened fire 94 times yesterday, employed 152 mm and 122 mm artillery, mortars, and IFV weapon, – Staff06.02.17 10:58 – Pro-Russian militants opened fire 94 times yesterday, employed 152 mm and 122 mm artillery, mortars, and IFV weapon, – Staff Over the past 24-hour period, 94 cases of fire by pro-Russian separatists were recorded in the east of Ukraine, in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area. View news.

Donbas sees escalation amid 94 militant attacks, 5 WIA’s in last dayThe combined Russian-separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 94 times in the past 24 hours with five wounded in action (WIA), according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters. News 06 February from UNIAN.

ATO HQ: Avdiyivka under fire again, barrages reported in all sectors on SundayThe Ukrainian-controlled town of Avdiyivka has again come under fire, as the hybrid Russian forces in Donbas unleashed barrages in all the sectors in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, February 5, according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) headquarters. News 05 February from UNIAN.

The militants dumped in the Donetsk region manpower, dozens of truckloads of weapons, heavy weapons and ammunition wagons, – ISMilitants actively strengthen their positions, transferring manpower, armament and munitions in Donetsk region. Thus, in his words, in Donetsk region recorded the following displacement and relocation of military equipment fighters: – Command of the Russian-terrorist troops allocated from the “3rd omsbr” strengthen the group on the flank, under Avdiyivka – occupiers secretly threw this reinforcement through Panteleymonovku on Vasilevka and Betmanovo (byv.Krasny Partizan). Sources of EC group recorded 8 trucks with manpower and equipment, 2 MT-LB 1 and BMP-2. Unloading occurred Yasinovataya area towards the steep gullies. – From the east to the area of Mineral (Yasinovatskiy village in the district, to the north of Donetsk), and then to the area Yasinovataya and western regions of Donetsk occupants during the day actively threw ammunition MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, 122-mm and 152- mm cannon artillery, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars (up to 15 trucks for 4-5 hours, the transfer was carried out for 2-3 cars, sometimes one). – Three days after Shakhtersk on the highway H-21 recorded the movement of about 70 trucks with MTS objects and about 30 armored fighting vehicles (in t.ch.tankov) Part of armor (. at least 20 armored fighting vehicles) was later transferred to the areas near the demarcation line on the Donets-Avdeevka direction; – in Donetsk, the enemy is transfer of equipment (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns) from the Kalinin district on the Avenue of Peace, continue along the avenue 75 anniversary of FC “Shakhter” in the direction of Kiev Avenue; militants while taking unprecedented measures to block the civilian sections of the population, which moved military hardware was detected movement including at least 10 tanks;. – at the train station “Kalmius” (north -West part of Makeyevka) fixed unloading 6 wagons of ammunition.

The Kremlin is seeking additional human resources to be sent to the Donbass – TymchukThe Kremlin is trying to find more human resources to be sent to the Donbass. As reported Tsenzor.NET , reported by the MP from the NF, coordinator of the group “Information Resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk on his page on Facebook. According to him, “DNR” is active recruiting “candidates” among the locals “1st AK DNR”. Particularly scarce are called the driver and operators, gunners BBM. “Command” 1st AK DNI “, requiring” administration “A.Zaharchenko administrative measures on emergency kit” of candidates for military service, “points out that the growing shortage in units and parts of the” army corps “is associated with a decrease in the number of mercenaries from Russia despite the promises of the General Staff of the Armed Forces leadership, “- he wrote. At the same time Tymchuk noted that the Kremlin is trying to find more human resources to be sent to the Donbass. “Staff FSB appealed to the leaders of the so-called” Cossack units “of Russia to find a” volunteer “to be sent to Ukraine to resupply units militants losers during the escalation of the conflict”, – he said. Earlier Tymchuk said that the part of Makeyevka on Khartsizk proceeded 7 enemy trucks labeled “Gruz 200”.

Militants fire on electricians amid repair works near AvdiyivkaRussian-backed militants in Donbas opened fired on electricians restoring power supply in the town of Avdiyivka, according to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s press secretary Svyatoslav Tsegolko. News 04 February from UNIAN.

Power supply resumes in Avdiyivka, Poroshenko thanks government, armyChairman of Donetsk regional military and civilian administration Pavlo Zhebrivsky has informed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the resumption of the power supply in the town of Avdiyivka in Donbas after it was cut off the power girds a few days ago as a result of hostilities. News 05 February from UNIAN.

The moral and psychological state of the Armed Forces AK 2 in Luhansk deteriorating: another Russian military hanged himself – GURIn Luhansk hanged himself serviceman of the 7 separate motorized rifle brigade 2 AK Russian Armed Forces. “The deterioration of the morale of troops 7 separate motorized rifle brigade (Bryanka) 2 AA (Lugansk) of the Armed Forces leads to an increase in the incidence of suicide”, – the report says. So, on February 5 this year in the locality Crystal hung serviceman 7 separate motorized rifle brigade – Nardzhigitov Kuzemkinovich Shakur, born in 1963 Recall, according to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian-terrorist forces in the direction of Donetsk staffed by only 50%.

Ukraine is Fighting Its Own Cold War – BloombergMany are paying a high price to stay warm this winter while Russian attacks intensify in the east.

Paramedic killed by Russian missile while saving Ukrainian soldiers -Euromaidan Press |Natalia Khorunzha, a 45-year-old medic in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed as a result of shelling by Russian forces on Thursday, February 2, at the so-called “Svitlodarsk Bulge” near the Ukrainian-controlled town of Svitlodarsk. She was the first female military to be killed in the ATO ( Anti-Terrorist Operation) in 2017, reports ICTV. Natalia was a junior sergeant in the 1st company of the 1st Battalion of the 54th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She is survived by her husband, daughter, parents and sister. She was killed when a Russian anti-tank guided missile struck the ambulance where she was tending the wounded. Also killed was Yuri Reva, a soldier from the 54th Brigade. The driver’s leg was torn off. He is now in critical condition in the hospital. As previously reported, fighting is becoming more intense along the entire front line, including the Svitlodarsk Bulge. According to the ICTV channel, “Natalia died heroically while evacuating the wounded during fighting at the Svitlodarsk Bulge in the Luhansk region… She was retrieving the wounded under fire. She managed to put three in the ambulance and went back to get the other ones when the missile exploded near her. The men she retrieved yesterday survived with concussions. She was to receive an award but did not get it in time. Now she will receive it posthumously,” the ICTV statement concludes.

People paid last respect to nurse Natalia Khoruzha: “She treated with word, not just pharmacy”. VIDEO05.02.17 17:53 – People paid last respect to nurse Natalia Khoruzha: She treated with word, not just pharmacy. VIDEO The nurse of the 54th Mechanized Brigade was killed at the Svitlodarsk salient on Feb. 2. Hundreds of people came to paid the last respect to Natalia. View video news.

Mobile RF crematorium in the Donbas was pure truth Strelkov-Girkin: The Russian PMCs mercenary contracts include a paragraph – in the case of the death of the body cremated on the spot. “No body – no case” What amazing details of military operations of the Russian Federation will eventually become public knowledge! It turns out that information on the mobile crematorium for disposal of murdered Russian mercenaries – this is not propaganda and not a rumor. Wow. I thought that after all this is some exaggeration, well after the 21 th century, still … But the FSB officer Igor Strelkov-Girkin, to start a war in the Donbas, former “Minister of Defense DNI”, of course, on the orders of the Russian army and security services informed quite accurately. After all, he Girkin also commanded a detachment of mercenaries gathered from the FSB “Crimea”, and knows all the nuances of Russian contracts PMCs – Private Military Companies. Girkin wrote about Syria – but if contracts for burning dead bodies of mercenaries operating in Syria, it is possible to assume that the rules apply in the same time the war in Ukraine. “Most of the auxiliary operations in Syria does not carry military personnel and mercenaries from the PMC. According to reports, are now those who come into PMC, before being sent to Syria include para contract in which a mercenary, in the case of death, advance consent to cremation of the body on the spot. “No body – no case” – this ancient principle of the Russian investigation creatively applied in the military field. Taking into account all the other points (for keeping secret all .chto associated with participation in hostilities, etc.) – can generally be disposed of as many people and make it more or less unnoticed. What to say? Such cynicism is perhaps still was never “in our country.

Kazakh Lawmaker Calls Duma Member’s Remarks About ‘Russian Territories’ UnacceptableA senior Kazakh lawmaker has sharply criticized a Russian legislator who reportedly called for the return of what he said were &quot;Russian territories temporarily taken by Kazakhstan.&quot; In …

Changing Putin’s Mind | Foreign AffairsThe ultimate strategic goal for the next U.S. president should be to force Russian president Vladimir Putin to shift the foundation of his regime’s legitimacy from foreign to domestic policy.

Empire by Other Means: Russia’s Strategy for the 21st Century | YaleGlobal OnlineSince Vladimir Putin became president of Russia in 2000, his first of three terms so far, the nation has steadfastly pursued a seven-part strategy for gaining influence over former Soviet republics and preventing them from moving into the more liberal sphere of the West. In her book “Beyond Crimea: The New Russian Empire”, Agnia Grigas describes the pattern, one most successfully employed in Ukraine: “This trajectory begins with soft power and cycles through humanitarian policies and compatriot policies, which create institutions, laws and policies to co-opt the Russian diaspora. This proceeds to information warfare; ‘passportization,’ which hands out Russian citizenship and passports to compatriots abroad; calls for compatriot protection, which can eventually result in annexation of territories.” The strategy buoyed by a continuous stream of propaganda sets out to portray ethnic Russians as victims who fear for loss of their rights, which then leads to internal polarization and unending conflicts. The Kremlin wins control over its neighbors’ domestic and foreign policies without the need for direct territorial acquisition. – YaleGlobal

Mikhail Iossel | Life Under Alternative Facts – The New YorkerEveryone knew that the country was mired in poverty and decay and stagnation and degradation, drowning in lies and cynicism and all-out drunkenness. Everyone knew that they, the Soviet people, lived in a veritable funhouse of a giant isolated world unto itself, in the parallel reality of that endless hall of crazily distorted mirrors. People were not fooled, to put it mildly. Still, there was nothing they, including myself and everyone I knew, could do with or about that understanding. There was no place for them to take it, to pour it out on. Being exposed to constant, relentless irradiation by that funhouse reality, forever aswim in a sea of lies, had made people lethargic and apathetic, cynical and fatalistic, dumbfounded into mute infantilism, drunkenness, and helpless rage in the meagreness of their tiny private, personal worlds. Their worlds were small and filled with sameness. People lived their lives in a state of permanent shell shock, like dynamite-blasted fish still somehow capable of swimming. This is what constant, permanent exposure to alternative reality does: it deafens and deadens you.

Orbán is a tool in Putin’s information war against the West – To Inform is to InfluenceBy PANYI SZABOLCS Czech analysts found after investigating 22,000 Russian-language online sources that Moscow’s propaganda started two years before the military intervention in the case of Ukraine and four weeks in advance concerning Syria. First came the journalists, then tanks and bombs. From the 2010s the Russian army and its military intelligence service started dominating the…

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Russian Arrests Spur Questions Over Links to U.S. Hacking – WSJA series of high-profile arrests in Russia has intelligence officials on both sides of the Atlantic trying to unravel a mystery they suspect may be connected to Russian hacking in the U.S.

Ukrainian troops ‘plotting ‘massive storm’ attack on pro-Russian rebels’ – as fresh violence sparks fears of all-out warTwo sides claim to be sticking by a fragile ceasefire treaty despite daily shelling and gunfire

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