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President Trump, Congress, and the US Media have to get their collective “stuff” together quickly, or Russia is going to move into and occupy the vacuum left by President Obama’s fecklessness of eight years.  Russia cannot afford to wait, however, and is oozing into everywhere at once.

I just happened to see all these reports back to back, I haven’t even searched for other reports.






While reports of Russian aggression worldwide are flooding in, stories of impending disaster inside Russia are even more ominous.  “Putin is War; Putin is Death” and other neglected Russian stories.  Paul Goble, you are a genius.

Take these handful of reports and combine them with all of the reports of Russia’s aggression against all the NATO countries in the past 25+ years.  Russia is waging an information war against every single NATO country. Russia has also maneuvered provocatively against most of their airspaces and waterways. I’m forgiving 69 years of the Soviet Union’s similar actions, but there is a deep and dark history of similar actions there.

An obvious conclusion is that Russia is deliberately choosing not to fix itself internally. It is choosing to project power externally, instead.  Cheaply, yes, but it is still doing it.

What does it mean?

I am forced to ask not only what in the heck is happening, but why.

  • Maybe Russia is desperate to assert its dominance worldwide in an effort to become a perceived superpower once again, in a sort of an empty shell game.
  • Perhaps Russia is casting its net far and wide in the hopes that one of these gambles results in an incredible windfall fortune. The chances of this are the same as me winning the lottery, in other words, it is not going to happen anytime soon.
  • Perhaps the Russian leadership knows Russia is imploding and hopes to distract the Russian citizens as long as possible to avoid a popular uprising.  This story by Paul Goble, again, brings that to mind: “Putin is War; Putin is Death” and other neglected Russian stories.
  • Perhaps it is just the nature of the beast that is the Russian leadership, it just can’t help itself.

Putin knows the US and the world will not react unless we either see an overt threat or action against the world.  A clear and present danger.  Putin knows we have thresholds in many categories.  As long as he does not cross that threshold he knows Russia is free to maneuver.  Like he did in Crimea, has he found yet another threshold?


Either the world is comfortable with Russia positioning itself to be a global pest, projecting its questionable power into every rathole in the world, or it is not.  For a country to answer the implied questions, one only has to ask oneself: would you feel comfortable in a dark place with Russia behind you?

I do not believe the United States or anyone currently facing Russia as a probable potential adversary is comfortable with Russia oozing into every empty space globally.  This is not intended as a slam on any country, this is meant as a giant neon warning sign to the world: the Russians are coming to a craphole near you.