Why this conference?

With approximately 100,000 uniformed and civilian personnel from 124 Member States deployed in 16 peacekeeping operations under the United Nations flag, there are currently more peacekeepers on the ground than ever before. When properly mandated, resourced and supported, UN peacekeeping is one of the most effective tools available to respond to crises around the world. However, a recent series of reports have highlighted that UN peacekeeping must address a range of challenges to remain fit for purpose in responding to 21st century conflicts.

Annual high-level discussions have become an important part of the international community’s effort to support UN peacekeeping operations. Building on these efforts, Canada will bring the UN and Member States together to engage in a wide-ranging discussion on UN peacekeeping. Recognizing that integrating gender perspectives andempowering women are integral to improving the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping, these cross-cutting issues will be integrated into all aspects of the event, including in discussions on peacekeeping planning and performance. Two other important issues will also be integrated throughout the conference: policing and operating in francophoneenvironments.

More specifically, the conference will:

  • take stock of the efforts done since the last UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial, held in London, United Kingdom, in 2016;
  • encourage new pledges from Member States to close key capability gaps for UN peacekeeping operations;
  • advance peacekeeping reform to improve the UN’s capacity to better plan andperform peacekeeping operations;
  • foster pragmatic and innovative solutions to make peacekeeping operations more effective, by building on the “3Ps” (pledges, planning, performance) with a new focus on partnerships.

Learn more on the “3Ps” (pledges, planning, performance): UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial: London 2016 Concept


Decisive discussions will take place during the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference. While ensuring that the integration of gender perspective remains at the heart of the talks, these discussions will revolve around four themes:

Focus on peacekeeping

Canada will host a focus event called Focus on Peacekeeping on November 14, 2017, in the Vancouver Convention Centre. Two themes will be featured:

  • Youth as Peacebuilders
    • Canadian and international youth will be engaged in a discussion about the positive role ‎young people can play in mitigating the effects of conflict in their societies.
  • The role of the private sector in conflict prevention
    • This discussion will explore the importance of economic development in preventing conflict in fragile states and in sustainably rebuilding post-conflict states.

Focus on Peacekeeping will complement the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference. This event will be geared towards a broader audience, and will explore the importance of a comprehensive approach to peacekeeping.

Focus on Peacekeeping will take place in the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Canada and peace operations

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